DSP Blackrock Series 123 – A new FMP fund offer from DSP Blackrock launched in October 2013

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DSP Blackrock Series 123 : New FMP Offer : October 2013 : Summary

DSP Blackrock new FMP offer

The wave of new FMP offers continues with another FMP from DSP Blackrock. The FMP has a maturity of 12 months, thereby qualifying for indexation benefits. DSP Blackrock is a well respected mutual fund with tremendous experience in debt mutual funds

DSP Blackrock Series 123 : FMP offer timelines

  • FMP Offer opening date : 9th October
  • FMP Offer closing date : 14th October

DSP Blackrock Series 123 : Maturity dates of this FMP

This FMP from the DSP Blackrock stable has a maturity of 12 months. Since the duration of this FMP extends beyond March 31 2014, it does qualify for indexation tax benefits

DSP Blackrock Series 123 : Entry and exit loads of this fixed maturity plan offer

  • Entry Load : There is no entry load for this FMP offer
  • Exit Load : There is no exit load since , per SEBI guidelines, this FMP is listed on the stock exchange

Should you invest in DSP Blackrock Series 123 new FMP offer

One definitely recommends reading the fmp offer document before investing.

Birla Sunlife introduces another new FMP NFO- Birla Sunlife Fixed Term Plan Series DD

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Birla Sunlife mutual fund has launched a new FMP NFO- Series DD- Should you invest?

birla sunlife fixed term plan series ddFMP NFOs are a dime a dozen these days. The first question to ask is whether this particular FMP NFO from Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund is worth investing. Lets dig into the details of Birla Sunlife MF Fixed Term Series DD

Open and close dates- Birla Sunlife MF Fixed Term Series DD

This new FMP NFO from Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund opens on May 26 and closes on June 06. This means that unlike many other FMP NFOs, this FMP gives you some time to mobilize funds, in case you are interested in investing

Maturity Period for Birla Sunlife Fixed Term Series DD NFO

Birla Sunlife Fixed Term Series DD has a maturity period of 367 days. This means that investors in this FMP NFO will be eligible for indexation benefits

Management expenses for Birla Sunlife Fixed Term Series DD FMP NFO

The total expense for this NFO is 2.25% per the prospectus. This is quite high for a fund that is benchmarked against the CRISIL short term bond index

You can take your call whether to invest in the Birla Sunlife Fixed Term Series DD NFO

If you need any more information about this Birla Sunlife Term Series DD, pls read the FMP NFO prospectus